Working Together, For You

Mayor, Stewart Young

“We know that the key to our continued success is creating opportunities in the community that will keep families together. 


Creating jobs right here in Langford for Langford people, offering affordable and attainable housing, building on community services, amenities and recreation opportunities, supporting our police and fire officials in their work to keep us all safe and working to address a health care crisis in new and innovative ways are just some of the ways we are doing that. 


This October I’m asking you to vote for our exceptional team of leaders who are committed to working with you and for you, to solve the challenges you face every day and to keep Langford the strong, resilient, vibrant city that we all know is the best place to live, work, learn and play.”


Community First Langford - Working Together, For You

Community First Langford is running a team of experienced leaders who will put you and your family first! We’re here to build on the success we’ve had turning Langford into the best community for people, families, businesses and you, our neighbours. 


It’s no secret Langford has incredible community services and family friendly amenities; low taxes; good family sustaining jobs and a strong economy. With a recession looming, we are the ones who will ensure Langford prospers. 


Community First Langford offers a proven plan supporting smart, thoughtful, community focused growth. Langford is our home too! We care about you, our neighbours. We’re listening to you and we are working for you. 


Meet The Candidates

The Community First Langford Platform Commits to:

Property Taxes

Keeping Langford's Property Taxes low to help keep family life in our city affordable


Partnering with School District 62 to continue to build good schools for our children and youth.


Working with our university partners to create a program profile that helps serve the needs and aspirations of the Langford community.

Affordable Housing

Continuing to build more affordable housing units in the next four years to try to meet the demand and needs of our community.

Green Space

Adding more green space and parks in our city to uphold our commitment to our families.

Health Care

Working to develop innovative strategies to meet the communities health care needs

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